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Should I Get a Sewer Scope With my Home Inpsection?

A sewer scope inspection can be worth the extra cost in certain situations, especially when buying a home. Here are some considerations to help you decide if a sewer scope inspection is necessary:

1. Age of the Property:

- Older homes may have sewer lines that have deteroirated over time, leading to potential issues such as cracks, root intrusion, or corrosion. If you're purchasing an older home, a sewer scope can provide insight into the condition of the sewer line.

2. Tree Root Intrusion:

- Tree roots can infiltrate sewer lines, causing blockages and damage. If the property has mature trees near the sewer line, a sewer scope can help identify any root intrusion that might affect the functionality of the sewer system.

3. Previous Sewer Issues:

- If the seller has disclosed or you are aware of previous sewer issues with the property, a sewer scope can provide a detailed assessment of the current condition and whether previous repairs were successful.

4. Peace of Mind:

- A sewer scope inspection can offer peace of mind for homebuyers. Knowing the condition of the sewer line can help you make an informed decision about the property and potentially avoid costly surprises after purchase.

5. Potential Repairs:

- Identifying issues with the sewer line early on can give you the opportunity to negotiate repairs or replacements with the seller before closing. This negotiation can be based on the findings of the sewer scope inspection report.

6. Local Regulations and Requirements:

- In some areas, local regulations may require a sewer scope inspection as part of the real estate transaction process. Check with your real estate agent or local authorities to determine if it's a common practice or a requirement in your region.

7. Home Warranty or Insurance:

- Some home warranties or insurance policies may exclude coverage for sewer line issues. Understanding the condition of the sewer line through a sewer scope inspection can help you make informed decisions about additional coverage or potential future expenses.

8. New Construction:

- Even in new construction, issues with sewer lines can occur. If you're purchasing a newly built home, especially in areas with expansive soils or other potential challenges, a sewer scope can provide assurance that the sewer line is free from defects.

While a sewer scope inspection can be valuable, it's not always necessary for every home purchase. Consider the specific circumstances of the proprety and consult with your real estate agent and the home inspector to determine if a sewer scope is recommended. If potential issues are identified, you can then make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the purchase, negotiate repairs, or plan for future maintenance.

Hub City Home Inspection does offer Sewer Line Inspections as an additional service. We provide a separate report from the home inspection that contains images of any possible concerns, as well as a link to the video. This allows you the chance to see exactly what we were able to see, and pass this onto a plumber if possible repairs are needed. As always, this is a non-biased inspection, we don't gain anything from finding issues, it is simply more information for our clients.

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