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Inspection Services


For Buyers

A home purchase is likely the biggest investment we will make in our life time.  In doing so, you want to make the wisest/smartest decision for you and your family you can, thats where we come in.  A quality home inspection is designed not to deter you from your purchase, but to help you make a more informed decision.  Our goal is to identify potential concerns that you as the buyer can then weigh out to decide if this particular home is right for you and your budget.  It just helps inform the buying decision to better understand what, if any concerns lie ahead.

Home Buyers

For Sellers

When preparing to sell a home, we make certain to get it in order cosmetically, but sometimes don’t notice the structural or mechanical concerns that may be there simply because we are use to them.  Having a licensed and capable Home Inspection completed BEFORE putting your house on the market will help you better understand your home and what expectations to have when it comes to negotiating with a potential buyer.  There may be something you want to take care of before listing your home, or you may want to offer a credit to a buyer or simply find that your home is perfectly fine how it stands and that you’re asking price is on par with the home.  It helps put your mind at ease knowing that the perceived value of your home is the actual value.

Home Sellers

11 Month Warranty Inspection:


All home builders will put at least a 12 month warranty on the home.  We can go in on the 11 month and do an inspection to help make sure there are no concerns that needed taken care of before the 1 year us up and they go unnoticed.  This would be basically a standard home inspection checking all appliances, plumbing, electrical etc.

Here is what is in the Inspection Report:

The home inspection is a visual, noninvasive inspection of the structure (foundation, attic, roof, walls, windows, doors), electrical system, heating and air conditioning system, plumbing system, installed kitchen appliances, garage door operators and sprinkler system.

Phased Inspection:

Phased Inspections Coming Soon...

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